Welcome to my new blog for men and women in their 60s & beyond!

Family all grown up? Want something new? Need to fill a gap? 

Enrich your life and make your 60s your best decade ever!!

Make it intentional, make it compassionate, make it fun, make it healthy, make it adventurous, make it creative, make it energetic, make it reflective, make it social, make it active, make it sustainable!

I've split this blog into 2 areas: Lifestyle & Travel.  Enjoy!

(i) Lifestyle – anything related to health and wellness, living options, creative pursuits. My Health & Wellness journey began when I returned from the Big OE and I completed a Master's Degree in Counselling. I worked in the area, doing 1:1 counselling and running personal development groups in a wide range of areas. Since moving overseas to live I have completed other courses, Yoga Teacher Training, Life Coaching, and Health & Wellness Coaching, as well as reading extensively in the area. I am also interested in alternative ways of living that support the environment and create communities. Downsizing life, upscaling lifestyle!

(ii) Travel/Adventure – I love travelling and adventures and there’s no better time to do this than in your 60s! My love of travel has taken me to countless countries to travel and work as a youngish backpacker on the Big OE (Overseas Experience), and then again as an older woman. The second time around I have chosen to live and work in countries (Korea, Oman and Malaysia) and travel around from there.This has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I've had plenty of adventures in my home country of New Zealand too and intend to have many more when I return home later this year!!