A Goat Parade

Which "goat' behaviour speaks to you?

This is a fun post. Goats are everywhere in Oman. They often roam around in the villages eating any plants in sight. You can see them in all kinds of places, such as on the sides of mountains, on the beach, in parks, in wadis and in the streets. I love taking photos of the goats, so here are some pictures. I’ve labelled them in different situations. Your task is to think about how these situations pertain to your life. Have fun!!

1. At home


 2. Socialising with friends or family


3. Curious / Digging up the dirt  



4. Graceful / Treading carefully

5. Posing for a photo / Looking in the mirror                                     

 6. Looking back / Focus on the past

7. Surveying the lay of the land / At the top of your game!  


8. Relaxing / chilling out

9. Carrying around lots of baggage!                                                     


 10. Guarding the Fort!!  

2 thoughts on “A Goat Parade

  1. I love this post Pam! You may remember how much time I spent with these delightful and curious creatures when I made the “Goats” video in Oman. I especially liked seeing them in trees. They truly are amazing!

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